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As player in the London Fashion scene, Tommie Cassani combines meticulous attention to detail with engrossing storytelling.
With a background in fashion production and styling from the London College of Fashion, Tommie brings a deep awareness of aesthetics and storytelling to every project. They further cemented their position in the business by creating Crepapelle Studio in 2020, which allowed them to pursue more creative endeavours.
As the Set Coordinator and Set Designer, Tommie is in charge of the entire project execution process, from conception to completion. This entails carrying out in-depth feasibility analyses, working directly with clients to fully understand their vision, and procuring resources responsibly. Prominent partnerships with labels like Louis Vuitton, MiuMiu, and Mulberry, in addition to appearances in magazines like Vogue, are noteworthy.
Tommie has made a strong commitment to representation and diversity throughout their career. As funding Art Director of BEYONDXY, they lead campaigns that promote gender-fluid and queer POC communities and fight for diversity in the fashion industry. Tommie's commitment to quality work is evident in his role as Head of Content & Creative Producer at FGUK Magazine, where he curated content with a global appeal.
Tommie's trajectory is marked by a commitment to excellence and a conviction in the ability of design to bring about positive change, which has carried over from their early experiences at Purple PR and Prada to their current position as a sought-after Set Coordinator & Set Designer. Tommie's skill set is multifaceted, encompassing creative leadership, project management, and cultural fluency. 

shot by Elizaveta Porodina

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